Our Tyre Services

Wheel alignment

We are an all capable tyre service. Thus, we provide free wheel alignment checks for all passenger vehicles. We do this to ensure that they are operating at their best. You may not be getting the mileage out of your tyres that you should be. If so, then chances are that your car has faulty or incorrect alignment. This causes premature wear and tear and tyres and suspension components.

There are many short term problems caused by bad wheel alignment. These include problems with the car’s handling, reduced performance, and general safety. Aside from this, there are many long-term effects. These include permanent damage to the vehicle’s chassis, as well as wear and tear on the vehicle.

Minor events can also cause bad wheel alignment. Driving into a pavement, over even over a pothole can throw the vehicle’s wheels out of alignment. Considering this, and the effects it has on the vehicle as a whole, repairing this problem is crucial.

Truck Wheel Alignment

At Tyre Africa, we own and maintain a mobile truck alignment unit. This is for our customers’ convenience and thus acts as another facet of our tyre services. We are able to service your truck’s tyres without it having to leave the premises. Yes, we come to you!

Appointment by phone required.

Shocks & Suspension Parts

Alongside our tyre service facilities, Tyre Africa also specialises in shocks and suspension. Any vehicle’s suspension and steering system serves several purposes. It’s most important ones of which include allowing the wheels to move independent of the vehicle. The suspension parts ensure that it remains stable and in contact with the surface of the road.

Ensuring a vehicle can fulfil these tasks requires regular steering and suspension parts . This includes regular checks for any “play” on the steering wheel. Worn and/or loose steering and suspension parts have several negative impacts. These include shock absorbers, steering rack-ends, control arms, ball joints, and stabiliser rudders.

Perform regular checks on the suspension and steering system for any uncontrolled motion. Worn shock absorbers, steering rackends, control arms, ball joints, and stabilizer rubbers, will result in:

  • Poor handling of the vehicle. This is potentially dangerous when turning or braking sharply.
  • Loss of stability. This may make the vehicle more vulnerable to tipping. Additionally, it also increases wear on other components.
  • Excessive tyre wear on the vehicle, reducing their effective mileage.
  • Increased fuel consumption, which is a direct result of the increased tyre wear.

Perform regular visual checks on your tyres and know what signs to look for. In doing so, you will be able to identify any problems they may have. There may be obvious or abnormal signs of damage or wear on the tyres or suspension parts. If this is the case, Tyre Africa offers a free suspension check as a part of their tyre services.

Wheel Balancing

Another facet of our full range of tyre services is our wheel balance specialisation. As wheel balancing professionals, service passenger and 4×4 vehicles on our premises.

Additionally, our wheel balancing services also extend towards trucks and busses. This is thanks to our recently acquired truck wheel balancing equipment. One of our primary goals is the constant improvement of our tyre service. This is an ongoing process which we have successfully undertaken to this day.

On-Site Management

We have dedicated and professional truck sales-staff. They are able to come to your premises and do a full evaluation of your fleet and vehicles. We can thus determine your current requirements and your future needs. Our aim is helping your transport department to budget correctly.

Through Bandag, we are also able to offer you a host of web-based tyre management solutions.

Driver Training

Thanks to our connections in the tyre industry, we provide driver training services. These are brief training sessions that discuss the care and maintenance of tyres. This allows them to extend their service life greatly.

This driver training will also include essentials for extending tyre mileage. The driver training forms just another one of the many tyre services we provide for our clients.


Even if there is no sign of uneven wear, tyre rotation is vital to achieving even tread wear and long tread life. Rotation is necessary because of the uneven wear on each wheel position.
A good example is Front Wheel Drive vehicles. This arrangement places braking, steering and driving forces on the front axle tyres.

Rear axle tyres only receive braking forces. This results in a much faster wear rate for the front axle tyres. Tyre rotation is very important for longevity of tyre life.

Tyre Repairs

As a part of our full tyre service range, we at Tyre Africa also offer tyre repairs for vehicles of different types. For punctures and other types of damage, Tyre Africa will be able to help.

We are able to conduct tyre repairs on truck, light truck, and passenger punctures. Keep in mind that no tyre manufacturer recommends tyre repairs on the sidewall of any tyre. Most manufacturers can and will void warranties on tyre repairs.