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Understanding Wheel Alignment

What to Know Before You Buy Wheels

You’ve made the decision to buy new car wheels for your vehicle. The old set have a scratched, old, or damaged car wheel, so it makes sense. The only issue is, you have no idea how to go about choosing new car rims and wheels. Here, we’ll explore the essentials to know before you buy wheels. This will include selecting the right car rim.

At Tyre Africa, our team of car rim and car wheel experts are more than willing to help you. With this guide, you can be confident that you’ll get the best wheels for your vehicle!

Understanding Different Car Wheel Types

This is one of the simpler aspects when it comes to selecting car rims. Understand that there is a big difference between wheels for cars, trucks, and other types. You may need car wheels, but have set your mind on wheels for a truck!

Additionally, understand what you’re using your vehicle for before you buy wheels. For example, if your vehicle goes off-road often, you should go with a smaller car rim. These have more sidewall flex to protect the wheel from damage.

Know What Size You Need For Your Car Wheels

As the title explains, you should understand what size of wheel would be best for your vehicle. If you’re inexperienced with car wheel sizes, you may end up damaging your entire vehicle in the long run! Usually, it’s best to buy wheels that are the same size as your current ones.

For example, if your tyre sizes are 205/55R/16, it’s best to go with car wheels that are 16 inches in diameter. But, if you decide to go with an all new configuration, be sure to consult an expert. Choosing car rims and wheels is serious business, so make well informed decisions!

Choosing Your Car Rim Finishes

Nowadays, you won’t be short on options when it comes to selecting car rim finishes. You can go with a glossy, satin, or matte black colour. Gunmetal is another popular option for car rims, available in light, matte, and dark. Chrome is another good choice.

You can also choose a machined car wheel finish, which looks best combined with black or gunmetal. Milling is another choice for your car wheels. This is like machining, where you can make unique cuts into the wheel to expose the metal look.

Budgeting Your Car Rims and Wheels

Depending on where and how you buy wheels, a set can cost anywhere from R 5000.00 to R 50 000.00. This depends on several different factors. Eg, the bigger the car wheel, the higher the price tag.

Also be aware that chrome will always be more expensive than painted car wheels. The price on a car rim will also differ depending on its method of manufacture. Gravity cast, pressure cast, and one-piece wheel casts will all have different prices.

Tyre Africa, Your Preferred Choice

At Tyre Africa, we believe that you should be able to buy wheels as easily as possible. This is why we seek to inform our clients where necessary, so that they can make the right choice.

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buying tyres in south africa new tyres

Buying Tyres in South Africa – What to Look For

A lot of folks don’t give enough consideration to our tyres until it’s too late. Many don’t think we need to buy a tyre or buy tyres until they fail us at the worst possible time. There are plenty of reasons to ensure that you are buying tyres correctly should this occur. Additionally, there are several things to look out for when buying new tyres in South Africa.

Taking care of your current tyres, and going with the best choice when you buy a tyre set, is good in many ways. Improved safety, fuel economy, handling, and stopping ability all benefit here. Below is several ways to ensure that you buy tyres and maintain them the correct way.

Before You Buy Tyres, Ensure You Need Them

Purchasing tyres is South Africa is often an expensive, and sometimes unnecessary affair. So, before buying tyres, perform an inspection of the tyres you already have. Is there excessive ware on the treads? Sidewall damage? Discolouration of any kind? If so, you’ll likely need new tyres.

If your tyres have been on your vehicle for 10 years or more, it’s probably time to buy tyres that are new. Despite how they may appear, tyres that old have likely deteriorated greatly.

Ensure Your Vehicle is in Good Shape Before You Buy a Tyre

Very often, wear on a tyre is worse than it should be, thanks to the car itself being in poor condition. If your current tyres have uneven wear, you’ll need to buy tyres and get your car repaired. Make sure you get the car fixed before buying tyres!

Putting a new set of tyres on a vehicle with poor wheel alignment means you’re throwing money away. The new tyres will be quick and uneven in their wear. Luckily, most outlets where you can buy tyres in South Africa also offer wheel alignment and balancing services.

Considerations for the Wheels

Nowadays, new rims are a popular customisation option, especially for cars. But, like new tyres, they are also sometimes a necessity. For example, if you’ve suffered wheel damage, you should buy a tyre and a wheel to go with it.

If you ever buy tyres and wheels to go with them, be aware of their size. They should be as closely matched as possible to the manufacturer specifications for the vehicle. Big, shiny wheels may look great, but it’s a complex matter to ensure that they will work properly with the car! Most outlets where you can buy tyres in South Africa can also provide advice on wheels and rims.

Buy a Matching Set of Tyres over Singles

A common practice when buying tyres is to only replace the most worn ones. While cheaper, this is a bad idea in the long run. The design of modern vehicle suspension works best in the long run. So, rather than buy a tyre in singles, buy tyres in a full set.

Replacing all four tyres at once is crucial in maintaing your car as a whole. Outlets where you buy tyres in South Africa can also check and repair suspension problems before they become major this way.

Maintain your New Tyres

Whenever you buy tyres, it’s essential to keep them well maintained. This greatly increases their service life and will save you money over the long term. Inflated them on a regular basis, or at least once per month.

You don’t need to be buying tyres on a regular basis if you maintain a regular maintenance schedule. Also keep a consistent wheel rotation schedule, as these ensure even wear for your tyres.

With Tyre Africa, you can buy a tyre set with peace of mind. We offer a full range of services to ensure that your daily runner stays running! For new tyres, and a full range of other services, contact us.

Car Battery Maintenance Car Batteries

Car Battery Maintenance – Caring for Your Car Batteries

Car batteries serve an essential purpose in your daily runner. It makes sense to maintain good car battery maintenance on yours! Good maintenance will also go a long way towards extending your car battery life, and prevent untimely incidents. Your car battery powers everything within your car, and allows it to start up in the first place.

In this article, we will look at the best ways to extend your battery’s service life. In doing so, you’ll be able to extend the time between car battery replacement, saving you time and money. We’ll also cover the greatest risks to your battery life, such as battery terminal corrosion.

The first thing to understand is that car batteries will tend to last between 2 and 5 years. This is primarily affected by the weather and climate. The hotter it is, the more drain there will be on your car battery, and the shorter your car battery life will be.

Short Car Rides Make for Short Car Battery Life

Taking a car for trips that only last a few minutes will prevent the battery from charging fully. Good car battery maintenance requires that you limit these short rides. Instead, try driving it often, and for longer trips. Where battery terminal corrosion will damage the battery in the long term, too many short trips can add up in the short-medium term.

On this subject, there are other ways to avoid unecessary car battery replacement. Consider purchasing a portable car battery charger. These are very useful, especially if you don’t drive often. What’s more, if your vehicle ever runs out of battery, they can be a real life-saver.

Avoid Car Battery Replacement – Keep it Secured!

All car batteries, no matter the type, should be securely fastened at all times. A car battery that isn’t secure could end up vibrating, which can cause severe internal damage. Be sure to check your battery terminal on a regular basis to avoid shortening your car battery life.

That last sentence is especially true if you drive on poor roads often. You definitely don’t want a car battery replacement thanks to something so preventable. Bumps, potholes, and uneven surfaces can gradually loosen your battery fastenings. Thus, ensuring your battery is secure makes up a large part of car battery maintenance.

Control Battery Terminal Corrosion

Battery terminal corrosion occurs over an extended period of time. But, keeping them clean is one of the best ways to extend the life of your car battery.

You can prevent car battery corrosion with just a toothbrush and baking soda in water. Scrub the terminals with the dipped toothbrush, then rinse it off with cold water. Afterwards, dry the terminals with a dry cloth. Hey presto! No more car battery corrosion.

Care For The Rest of the Vehicle

Your car batteries shouldn’t be the only focus of your efforts. You can definitely reduce your car battery life by running electronics while the engine isn’t running. This will put a lot of wear and tear on the vehicle.

But, many different parts make up your vehicle, and caring for them is as important as car battery maintenance. What’s more, caring for your car as a whole will extend the life of your battery! Of course, this is yet another great way to avoid unnecessary car battery replacement.

Also keep in mind that your car battery is still going to need replacement at some point. Despite your best efforts, it may die on you unexpectedly.


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Your Need-to-Knows for Tyre Maintenance

As most know, a tyre is the component fitted to a wheel’s rim, allowing the transfer of a vehicles load from an axle, through the wheel, and into the ground. This is useful in providing traction over a surface, allowing the vehicle’s movement.

It is, therefore, a crucial component of most vehicles, and it follows that tyre maintenance is an important aspect of car maintenance and roadworthiness as a whole. This article will cover the necessary procedures to ensure that your tyre grip, tyre pressures, tyre wear, and tyre tread are acceptable.

Maintaining Correct Tyre Pressures

One of the simpler aspects of tyre maintenance, but of critical importance, are correct tyre pressures. Be sure to check your tyre pressure once a month; even more if you commute or travel over long distances. It’s also a good idea to ensure that your tyre pressures are at their recommended level before long trips.

Low tyre pressures contribute to a number of potential problems. Increased fuel consumption, increased tyre wear, and greater vulnerability to spinning out of control or blowing a tyre being are just a few examples. To find out what the correct tyre pressures for your vehicle are, you can find a sticker with the relevant information inside the driver’s side door of the vehicle.

Tyre Tread

Tyre tread is another fundamental consideration in tyre maintenance. The tread of a tyre, when functioning as designed, allows the vehicle to retain traction and grip on the road. Tyre tread needs to remain in good condition, as a worn tread leads to a number of issues and potential safety hazards.

The more worn your tyre tread, the easier it is for your car to lose its grip and slide out of control. A particularly dangerous consequence of a worn tyre tread that you risk is aquaplaning. Aquaplaning occurs when a layer of water builds up between a vehicle’s tyres and the surface of the road, leading to a loss of traction. When this happens, the vehicle will lose control and likely crash.

Proper Alignment ensures Tyre Grip

In practicing good tyre maintenance and promoting tyre grip, alignment is another important aspect. Proper alignment ensures that all the wheels on a vehicle are pointed in the optimum direction in relation to the road. Tyre grip relies on, among other factors, effective wheel alignment.

Tyres on a misaligned vehicle will have several negative impacts on tyre grip and the tyres themselves. One can expect degraded vehicle handling, and tyres that don’t wear equally, which results in reduced tread life. As an added detriment, reduced tyre tread will have a pronounced impact on tyre grip.

Other Tips for Reducing Tyre Wear

There are a few other things you can do in the interests of tyre maintenance. One is rotating your tyres. Switching your front tyres with the rear ones every 7 000 – 11 000km is an excellent way to equalise your vehicle’s tyre wear.

When buying a pair of new tyres, be certain to install (or have them installed) on the rear wheels. This isn’t as much to prevent tyre wear as much as it is a safety precaution, as on wet roads, traction is always lost in the rear tyres first. This applies to front-wheel, rearwheel, and all-wheel drive vehicles.

Tyre Brand, Tyre Sizes, and Tyre Types: Which is Right for Your Car?

There are many thousands of different cars on the road today. It follows that the variety of tyres used for them are even more confusing. Then, one day, you need to buy a tyre, or buy tyres. This can be a daunting task if you aren’t familiar with them. Finding the correct tyre sizes and tyre brand for your car, though, is actually a simple task. You just need to know what to look for.

This article will serve as a guide for the different types of tyres available. And also, which are best suited to your vehicle. We will cover how to find the right tyre sizes, brands, and which characteristics to look for. From this, you will be able to buy tyres without a problem!

Determining Tyre Size

Before you buy a tyre of any kind, it’s important to determine your vehicle’s correct tyre size. You will usually be able to find this in your vehicle handbook, and will look like this:

195 (Section Width) / 50 (Aspect Ration) R15 (Rim Diameter) 92 (Load Rating) H (Speed Rating)

Each of these values define a specific characteristic needed for when you buy tyres. Section width will determine the width of the tyre in millimetres. The aspect ratio is a measure of tyre size specific for the width to the height, measured as a percentage. The rim diameter determines the size of the rim that a tyre can fit in a measurement of inches.

Load rating indicates the greatest load that each tyre is able to support. The speed rating determines the speed attainable by a tyre in relation to its load rating. Different tyre sizes also affect this. Those looking to buy tyres need to take these values into account beforehand.

Evaluating Value Through Quality and Price

After figuring out the correct tyre sizes for your vehicle, the next step is to consider quality. There is a balance between budget and quality. Tyre brands take a different approach to this balance.

Additionally, most tyres have to meet strict safety regulations. Paying out for a better tyre brand and model will mean you are getting more mileage. You are also paying for an improved driving experience, depending on the approach you take when you buy a tyre.

Buy a Tyre of Premium Quality

A tyre brand that is of higher quality will fall under the “premium” category. This is thanks to the high quality of their manufacture and the materials used. Tyre sizes will have no bearing on their quality, so long as you buy brands with a reputation for quality.

It’s a good idea to buy a tyre of premium quality. brands such as Bridgestone, Michelin, and Goodyear fall under this category. For a tyre brand like these, though, expect to pay considerably more than you might expect.

Buy Tyres of Mid-Range Quality

For many, premium tyres are overly expensive. Luckily, for most, to buy tyres of a lower grade still entails an acceptable level of durability and performance. Even if they are not as well-known as more premium brands. Be aware, prices will also differ between tyre sizes.

There is many a tyre size available from these brands. Additionally, depending on how you drive, they will also prove to have a very long lifespan. Brands such as Goodrich and Firestone are all solid contenders in this range.

Buy Tyres on a Budget

Budget tyres are just that, a tyre brand range of lower quality with the necessary tyre sizes. Performance-wise, they are satisfactory in the summer time. But, don’t expect them to be as reliable in wet or icy conditions. Additionally, they have a much lower mileage.

There are several reputable budget brands available, alongside your required tyre sizes. Here you can buy a tyre from Landsail, Goodride, Evergreen, and Autogrip.