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Buying Tyres in South Africa – What to Look For

A lot of folks don’t give enough consideration to our tyres until it’s too late. Many don’t think we need to buy a tyre or buy tyres until they fail us at the worst possible time. There are plenty of reasons to ensure that you are buying tyres correctly should this occur. Additionally, there are several things to look out for when buying new tyres in South Africa.

Taking care of your current tyres, and going with the best choice when you buy a tyre set, is good in many ways. Improved safety, fuel economy, handling, and stopping ability all benefit here. Below is several ways to ensure that you buy tyres and maintain them the correct way.

Before You Buy Tyres, Ensure You Need Them

Purchasing tyres is South Africa is often an expensive, and sometimes unnecessary affair. So, before buying tyres, perform an inspection of the tyres you already have. Is there excessive ware on the treads? Sidewall damage? Discolouration of any kind? If so, you’ll likely need new tyres.

If your tyres have been on your vehicle for 10 years or more, it’s probably time to buy tyres that are new. Despite how they may appear, tyres that old have likely deteriorated greatly.

Ensure Your Vehicle is in Good Shape Before You Buy a Tyre

Very often, wear on a tyre is worse than it should be, thanks to the car itself being in poor condition. If your current tyres have uneven wear, you’ll need to buy tyres and get your car repaired. Make sure you get the car fixed before buying tyres!

Putting a new set of tyres on a vehicle with poor wheel alignment means you’re throwing money away. The new tyres will be quick and uneven in their wear. Luckily, most outlets where you can buy tyres in South Africa also offer wheel alignment and balancing services.

Considerations for the Wheels

Nowadays, new rims are a popular customisation option, especially for cars. But, like new tyres, they are also sometimes a necessity. For example, if you’ve suffered wheel damage, you should buy a tyre and a wheel to go with it.

If you ever buy tyres and wheels to go with them, be aware of their size. They should be as closely matched as possible to the manufacturer specifications for the vehicle. Big, shiny wheels may look great, but it’s a complex matter to ensure that they will work properly with the car! Most outlets where you can buy tyres in South Africa can also provide advice on wheels and rims.

Buy a Matching Set of Tyres over Singles

A common practice when buying tyres is to only replace the most worn ones. While cheaper, this is a bad idea in the long run. The design of modern vehicle suspension works best in the long run. So, rather than buy a tyre in singles, buy tyres in a full set.

Replacing all four tyres at once is crucial in maintaing your car as a whole. Outlets where you buy tyres in South Africa can also check and repair suspension problems before they become major this way.

Maintain your New Tyres

Whenever you buy tyres, it’s essential to keep them well maintained. This greatly increases their service life and will save you money over the long term. Inflated them on a regular basis, or at least once per month.

You don’t need to be buying tyres on a regular basis if you maintain a regular maintenance schedule. Also keep a consistent wheel rotation schedule, as these ensure even wear for your tyres.

With Tyre Africa, you can buy a tyre set with peace of mind. We offer a full range of services to ensure that your daily runner stays running! For new tyres, and a full range of other services, contact us.

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